Friday, May 29, 2009

Princess Grace {Lakeland Tampa Child Photographer}

My little girl has finally decided to be a "GIRL"
Since she was born, I have tried really hard to make her "girly". She pulled all her hair things out, she runs around naked, covered in food, plays in the mud and has scraped up knees..
But yesterday, she decided to dress up!!! I had to capture her in her dancing best!! The lighting isn't perfect, as she was "dancing mommy, dancing" but these moments were! I have waited 14 years for this!!
Dance, baby, Dance!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baseball {Lakeland Tampa Child Photographer}

Topher is our middle child.. and it is aptly so.. He is so "middle!"
He is the perfect amount of just about everything.. He is equally loud and soft.. he is equally sweet, and sassy... he is equally lovey and tough guy! As Mary Poppins would say he is "practically perfect in every way"
We are so grateful God blessed us with him and knew exactly where to place him.. in the Middle!!